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Sher Critic Review By Pavan Survi

Apr 21, 2016 06:46 AM Sher Critic Review By Pavan Survi

Star-cast : Nandamuri Kalyanram, Sonal Chauhan, Vikramjeet Virk, Mukesh Rishi

Director : Mallikarjun

Music Composer : Thaman S

Censor Certificate : U/A

Runtime : 118 Minutes

Gautham (Nandamuri Kalyanram), is a happy go lucky guy who lives in Hyderabad with his family. The family is one among the top builders living in the city. Gautham who has been brought up in a very affectionate manner someone who has a positive approach loves challenges in life. His life turns around when he comes across pretty Nandini (Sonal Chauhan) a wannabe photographer and falls in love. And surprisingly Nandini puts forward her feelings towards him. But due to some issues, gautham starts going behind Dada (Mukesh Rushi). Whats Gautham issues with Dada? Will Sonal’s love be accepted by Gautham or will she be married by someone else? Watch the film to see how the twists and turns pan out.

Nandamuri Kalyanram tries to carry the film on his shoulders. But his character is pulled in different angles – A happy go lucky guy, a man who can’t resist bad things happening around him, a good hearted family man and a cheesy lover. Kalyanram has improved in his mannerisms and dance moves. Sonal Chauhan performs well in her limited character. She is presented well on screen. Nothing much to say about the contribution made by three Bollywood baddies – Mukesh Rushi, Vikramjeet Virk and Asish Vidhyarthi, while Shafi irritates with his performance. Rohini acquits well in in her small role. Comedy by Ali, M S Narayana, Fish Venkat, Duwasi Mohan, Thagubothu Ramesh and Brahmanandam falls flat. Nora fatehi sizzled in the item number “My Name is Pinky”.

The story of “Sher” is such a drab, that it adds to the list of so called commercial potboilers which have hit screens in almost every language in India. The story lacks freshness. It’s better not to comment on the narrative, which is as old as any romantic family themed movie. It is hard to believe that a director like Mallikarjuna A still feels such a bland story will be accepted in the current era. The story is not only flat but also meanders unnecessarily into new territories that add no value to the movie. The film also lacks proper lead characterizations. Some decent scenes have been added to the movie in the second half. But they appear to be out of context. Then there is the use of comedy. Again it looks forced in the script. Towards the end of the movie the audience is sure to be wondering about the entire film. The film is nothing but a typical plot, loaded with some forced action and comedy not to forget the boring narration. Looking at the climax of the film, one gets a sense of urgency on the director’s part to wrap up the shoot at the earliest. Director Mallikarjuna may have been under the impression that a forced comedy and adding commercial elements may attract the audiences to the theatres. That approach has rendered the movie no less than jejune commercial movie. The sum and substance of the movie lost in this process. The director has absolutely no grip over the narration.

Musically the film is not strong enough, but two songs are well composed. Background score needed more improvement. Thaman SS needs to get over Anirudh’s Kaththi BGM and start working on developing his own stuffs. Cinematography by Sarvesh Murari is brilliant in songs and utilized the foreign locales to their best. The film could have done with sharper editing, shorter length and lesser action, some of which spills over from sarcasm to farce. Visual effects are not upto the mark. Action sequences are okay. Production Values of the film are adequate.

Analysis: “Sher” is a commercial potboiler about a happy go lucky guy, who fights against all odds to save his family and love. To be fair to the makers of the film, they seem to have made an attempt to try out Nandamuri Kalyanram as an action hero in a revenge drama, but sadly there is nothing new in story and presentation. On the whole, Sher is not a bad film, but a poorly made commercial film.

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