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Sher movie Review

Apr 21, 2016 06:38 AM
Sher movie Review
  • Release date : October 30, 2015
  • Director : Mallikarjun
  • Producer : Komara Venkatesh
  • Music Director : S. Thaman
  • Starring :Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Sonal Chauhan

Routine Commercial Entertainer

Nandhamuri Kalyan Ram's "Sher" under the direction of Mallikarjun is Released today.Let’s see how it is.

Story Line:

Kalyan Ram is a middle class person and a neighbor boy .He will be a helping hand to every one .He will do anything for some one and He will take care about his family. Kalyan Ram working as a civil engineer and taking care of his family, one day suddenly two incidents takes place in his life and it changes everything kalyan Ram’s life and career.

Sonal Chauhan is a life as lover and other is compromising on many things to take care of about his family problems.The remaining story will be seen on big screen.The main story is depends on complete comedy and family entertainment.

Performances :

Kalyan Ram has improved his ease in acting and showcased a sense of maturity in his dialogue delivery and diction. He was good enough in dances and comedy timing too. Sonal Chauhan adds up the glamour quotient in the film besides pepping up the songs. Vikramjeet, Mukesh and Shayaji Shinde has done their job well. Brahmanandam manages to tickle at times with his funny references to Pawan Kalyan and other star heroes.

Plus Points :

Kalyan Ram's Action

First Half


Background Music

Sonalchauhan Glamour

Minus Points:

Average Second Half

Certain logics were missing in this movie

Routine Story

Technical Aspects :

Written by Diamond Ratna Babu and directed by M Mallikarjuna Rao, Sher lacks any kind of creativity expect for the few comedy scenes here and there. Snail paced narration tests your patience. A scene that imbibes Athanokkade bridge sequence in to this film was thoughtful. Music by Thaman and late Chakri was foot tapping though a couple of songs were placed terribly. Cinematography and production values were commendable.

Verdict :

Routine Commercial Entertainer

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