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'Shivalinga' Movie Review

May 08, 2017 12:27 AM
Shivalinga Movie Review
  • Release date : April 14th, 2017
  • Director : P. Vasu
  • Produced by : Ramesh P.Pillai
  • Music Director : S. Thaman
  • Starring : Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh and Vadivelu..

Spooky and entertaining.

Raghava Lawrence is back with another horror entertainer. Veteran director P.Vasu directed this movie, which is titled 'Shivalinga'. It's a remake of super hit Kannada movie with the same title. Ritika Singh of 'Guru' fame is the female lead in this movie. P Vasu's son Shakti Vasu played an important role. This movie has hit the theaters. Read the review to know how the film is.


Raheem (Shakti) is a famous cook, whose biryani is very famous. He gets killed mysteriously when he was travelling a train. Cops close the case registering it as suicide. But Raheem's girlfriend Sangeetha has some doubts and asks the police to re-open the case. CBCID Officer Shivalinga (Raghava Lawrence) is deputed to take up the case. Shivalinga gets married to Satyabhama (Ritika) and the problem starts when they move to a new house and Raheem's spirit possesses Satyabhama. Why Raheem possesses Satyabhama and how the mystery behind the murder gets solved forms the rest of the story.

Technical aspects

The film is technically good. The cinematography is good. The background score of Thaman is apt, though it may seem loud at times. P.Vasu maintains the suspense factor till the end and his direction is good.


Raghava Lawrence has done some movies like this in the past and he is at his best once again. He is CBCID officer who takes up a mysterious case and his performance is good. Ritika Singh once again impresses. Apart from being beautiful, the boxer turned actress, is very good in the scenes where her character is possessed by a spirit. Shakti is good as well.

Plus Points



Screenplay and direction

Vadivelu's comedy

Minus Points

The flashback is weak


'Shivalinga' is another good horror entertainer from Raghava Lawrence, who has directed the super hit 'Muni' series. P.Vasu comes up with a good story and he maintains the suspense factor till the end. The movie has good spooky moments.Lawrence, Ritika, Shakti and other actors perform very well in the movie. Vadivelu's comedy is good as well. But the flashback portions should have been strong. All in all, Shivalinga ends up as a decent horror entertainer.


Spooky and entertaining. Rating 3.25/5

Shivalinga Movie
April 14th, 2017

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