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Shivam movie Live Updates

Apr 21, 2016 05:24 AM shivam-live-updates

Updated at 11:45AM

Climax done. Keep watching for the complete review.

Updated at 11:30 AM

Turn in the tale again some illogical comedy scenes are on now... The movie is being dragged unnecessarily

Updated at 11:16 AM

Flash back episode started off on a promising note. Yet again director spoils it by making it senseless to the center.

Updated at 11:10 AM

Movie heading towards the climax

Updated at 11:07 AM

Fight sequence to unite two lovers. Shiva (Ram) starts narrating his flash back..

Updated at 11:05 AM

"Gunde aagipothandi" song is good.. Picturization is good.

Updated at 10:54 AM

Luck kosam vaadu antha chesthe.. Love kosam Nenu entha cheyyali: shiva

Updated at 10:44 AM

Saptagiri makes an entery now..

Updated at 10:40 AM

Short Fish Venkat - Raashi Khanna - Ram scene is enjoyable..

Updated at 10:34 AM

"Andamaina Lokam" shot in distinctive areas and picturization is not too bad..

Updated at 10:28 AM

Brahmanandam and Jaya Prakash reddy make an entry now...

Updated at 10:25 AM

Abhimanyu Singh and Srinivas a reddy satire scenes are on now..

Updated at 10:22 AM

Post interval.the little twist has been revealed...

Updated at 10:07 AM

The interim point is very standard.. Be that as it may, winds up leaving Abhimanyu's character in puzzle..

Updated at 10:04 AM

Shiva - Naagineedu discussion point is great.. The way he communicates the outlook of a runaway couple has apoint.

Updated at 09:54 AM

Following a straightforward equation. Shiva (Ram) begins taking after Tanu (Raashi). "I LoVe You" tune is shot in pleasant local people.

Updated at 09:47 AM

The nonexistent glimmer back adoration scene is great. Brahmanandam scenes are dragging things here.

Updated at 09:35 AM

College Bullemo.. Song shit in college.. Even this time choreography is not up to the mark.. Raashi Khanna is lovely in her distinctive clothing types here.

Updated at 09:30 AM

Posani Krishna Murali's presentation scene is entertaining.

Updated at 09:26 AM

The much needed conflict point between Shiva and Patela is predictable.

Updated at 09:24 AM

Nuvu Evvaro Chepthe guruthochinapudala kodutha, Nenu evvaro thelusu koni vasthe guruthundi poyela kodutha: Shiva

Updated at 09:21 AM

The first competition point in the middle of Shiva and Patel's (Vineeth Kumar's) child is great.

Updated at 09:16 AM

Some satire scenes highlighting Posani Prabhas Seenu and Srinivas Reddy are on now

Updated at 09:05 AM

Rashi makes a romantic entry. It's love at first sight for Ram

Updated at 08:54 AM

Time for the first tune.. Shivam. Ram is eminent with his moves

Updated at 08:46 AM

Ram makes a snazzy section as Shiva.. Srinivas Reddy has additionally come in

Updated at 08:40 AM

Hai the film has quite recently started and it is 168 minutes in length

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