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Shivam Movie Review

Apr 21, 2016 06:38 AM
Shivam movie review
  • Release date : October 02, 2015
  • Director : Srinivasa Reddy
  • Producer : Ravi Kishore
  • Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad
  • Starring : Ram and Rashi Khanna

Routine Entertainer

After Pandaga Chesko, Ram is back with yet another entertainer Shivam. Additionally featuring Raashi Khanna, this film has hit the screens today .

Story :

Shiva(Ram) is a happy guy who supports love marriage and keeps helping couples to get married against their parents. One day, he comes across Tanu(Raashi Khanna) and falls flat for her. He follows Tanu to her village and during his pursuit, he accidentally lands into a huge problem with Bhoji Reddy(Vineet Kumar) and his gang.

This is additionally the time when yet another goon named Abhi (Abhimanyu Singh) sets his eyes on Tanu and grabs her. What will Shiva do now ? By what method will he handle both Bhoji Reddy and Abhi in the meantime? That structures whatever is left of the story.

Plus Points :

Ram is a sincere actor and has done his job well. As usual, he is pretty good with his fights and dances .

Raashi Khanna looks charming and supports Ram well.

DSP’s music is a major Plus for the film as all the songs are quite entertaining.

Visuals in the songs and production values are quite good.

First half of the film is decent and all the comedy scenes featuring Srinivasa Reddy and Ram have been designed well.

Minus Points :

One of the greatest disadvantages of Shivam is the unnecessary length.

Second half has major problems with the screenplay.

Climax looks outdated and is outright Silly.

Technical Aspects :

DSP's music is entirely shaking as every one of the tunes have been shot magnificently. The areas picked and the way they have been showcased is entirely great. Dialogs are just about alright as is the background score. Editing is an immense disappointment as at any rate 30 minutes of the film could have been easily edited.

Coming to the director Sreenivasa Reddy, he does a pretty sloppy job with his debut. He stretches a simple story line to unnecessary extent and complicates matters. The young director has managed to write decent scenes but could not connect them as a whole.

Verdict :

Shivam is another routine commercial entertainer. If you are satisfied with the same old story line, routine comedy and can manage to sit through the difficult run time. Rating 2.5/5

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