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Shourya Movie Review

Apr 21, 2016 06:38 AM
Shourya Movie Review
  • Release date : March 04th, 2016
  • Director : Dasaradh
  • Producer : Malkapuram Siva Kumar
  • Music Director : K Veda
  • Starring : Manchu Manoj, Regina Cassandra, Prakash Raj ...

Decent Thriller

After 'Sri', which released 11 years back, Manchu Manoj and director Dasaradh teamed up for the thriller 'Shourya'. Regina Cassandra plays the female lead in this movie, which also stars Prakash Raj. The film has hit the screens today. Let's see how the film is.

Story :

Shourya (Manoj) is a highly qualified person and he even makes a scientific discovery along with his friend. He leaves the project midway as he wants to elope with his girlfriend Nethra (Regina). In a shocking turn of events, Nethra gets killed and Shourya gets framed for the murder. The rest of the story is about how the mystery behind the murder unfolds. There are some twists in the plot.

Performances :

More often than not, we see Manoj in hyper roles in films with high voltage action sequences. But for a change, he has tried something new this time. He played a subdued character and he excels in it. His performance in a role with different shades has been very impressive. Regina Cassandra is good in her role. Prakash Raj is effortless in the role of an intelligent cop and as usual he impresses. Prabhas Srinu evokes laughs with his comedy timing. Others do justice to their roles.

Technical aspects :

The production values of Suraksh Entertainment are good. Though the screenplay is confusing at times, director Dasarath did a good job. Veda's BGM is engaging at elevates scenes. The editing is ok, but a few unnecessary scenes should have been chopped off. The visuals are good.

Plus points :


Manoj and Prakash Raj's performances

Prabhas Srinu comedy


Minus points :

Screenplay is confusing at times

Brahmanandam's role

Songs placement

Analysis :

Unlike his previous films, Manoj played a subdued role in this movie and even Dasarath came out of his comfort zone. The story is good, but the director should have worked on the screenplay to make it more interesting. Prabhas Srinu's comedy is good. The second half is intriguing with good twists compared to the first half. The songs placement is not good. There are interesting moments in the film.

Verdict :

'Shourya' is a decent thriller, worth a watch. Rating 2.75/5

Shourya Movie
March 04th, 2016

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