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Size Zero Movie Live Updates

Mar 24, 2016 03:55 AM Size Zero Movie Live Updates

Updated at 10:16AM

Climax done. Keep watching this space for the complete movie review

Updated at 11:14AM

A host of stars are making special efforts with their tiny bits.. Interesting climax

Updated at 11:10AM

Twist in the tale now... Movie heading towards climax

Updated at 10:59AM

Some romantic scenes between Arya and Anushka are on now.

Updated at 10:54AM

The movie has taken another turn.. Size Zero programme is being showcased now.

Updated at 10:47AM

Time for yet another song now..

Updated at 10:30AM

Anushka joins a weight loss programme now. Some emotional moments are being showcased now.

Updated at 10:25AM

Post interval... Ali makes an entry.

Updated at 10:10AM

Its time for Interval ...

Updated at 10:08AM

A simple but very interesting twist in the story is on now.

Updated at 10:05AM

Time for yet another song... Finally Anushka falls in love with Arya.

Updated at 09:55AM

A small twist in the story. Another Heroine Sonal Chauhan makes an entry.

Updated at 09:50AM

Some cute romantic scenes between Hero Arya and Heroine Anushka are on now.

Updated at 09:43AM

The movie moving on a simple and breezy note. Senior Actor Gollapudi makes an entry now..

Updated at 09:32 AM

Hero Arya makes an entry now.. Some scenes featuring the lead pair are being showcased now.

Updated at 09:25 AM

Prakash Raj and Brahmanandam have come in. Time for title song 'Size Zero'..

Updated at 09:21 AM

Heroine Anushka has been introduced as a fat girl who is looking to get married..

Updated at 09:13 AM

Some scene featuring Heroine Anushka in her Childhood are being showcased now

Updated at 09:05 AM

Hi!! Telugu Movie Viewers ...The movie has just started and it is 131 minutes long...

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