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Soggade Chinni Nayana Live Updates

Mar 24, 2016 03:55 AM Soggade Chinni Nayana Live Updates

Updated at 6:50 AM

Rescued By Bangarraju , Ramu and Sita Unites .. Satyavatamma farewell to Bangarraju. The End !

Updated at 6:40 AM

After a series of scenes in which a Tantrik, Villains attempt to kill Ramu, cinema heading towards the end

Updated at 6:30 AM

Couple of Brahmanandam Comedy scenes are good. Story is now engaging slightly and turning serious.

Updated at 6:20 AM

Story is moving at snails pace, and the core point is be sidetracked.

Updated at 6:10 AM

Title song ” Soggade Chinni Nayana ” time. Anushka , Anchor Anasuya, Hamsa Nandini danced with Nag. Average song, should have been shot better !

Updated at 6:10 AM

Second half starts with Bangarraju revisiting his yesteryear’s memories !

Updated at 6:00 AM

Interval ! Relatively short in duration , First Half is Just Good timepass. Healthy Comedy, Bangarraju-Satyamma thread , Humor generated by Nag’s dual action are positives. Brahmanandam scenes did not work.

Updated at 5:35 AM

Second Song ” Dikka Dikka Dum Dum ” ( sung by Nagarjuna & Co ) is good. Movie is progressing well with nice comedy so far. Nagarjuna is showing variation between two roles with ease. Nice Show

Updated at 5:25 AM

First song ” Vasthaale Vasthale .. Nee Vente vasthale ” is Good. Cool tune and visuals

Updated at 5:20 AM

Yama ( Nagababu ) Sends Bangarraju back to ‘ Bhoomandalam ‘ with a purpose and condition. Though it seems cinematic, very nicely done in the movie.

Updated at 5:10 AM

Bangarraaju ( Senior Nagarjuna ) been introduced. Shown in Narakam,flirting with Sexy Lady Yamabhatulu , stage is set for socio fantasy film

Updated at 5:00 AM

Movie started with brief 36 years back flashback in Sivapuram, Shifts immediate to present. Doctor Ramu(Nagarjuna), Seeta(Lavanya) couple been introduced.

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