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Soukhyam Movie Live Updates

Mar 24, 2016 03:55 AM Soukhyam Movie Live Updates

Updated at 12:48AM

PR accepts Seenu's love.. Climax ends on a happy note..

Updated at 12:41AM

Time for the climax fight sequence and countable.

Updated at 12:36AM

Brahmanandam comedy fails to entertain ..

Updated at 12: 27AM

Bavuji attacks PR and takes Shailu with him.. Brahmanandam enters spoofing temper scenes.

Updated at 12: 22AM

PR finally gets to know the details of Shailu, and Krishna Rao starts understanding seenu.

Updated at 12: 14AM

"Goal Gola" item number starts off from no where.. Swetha Bharadwaj sizzled in the track.

Updated at 12: 08AM

Following the Ready theme.. Movie Still drops the pace with predictable script...

Updated at 12: 05AM

Here's much anticipated baahubali spoof.... Prudhvi - Krishna Bhaijaan - Kirthi - Apoorva damaging the standards of Baahubali.

Updated at 11: 45AM

Ala Re... Song is better on ears.... Visually looks better than first half songs.. Regina looks red hot in short dresses.

Updated at 11: 42 AM

PR (rajan) fails to win the open challenge with Seenu (Gopichand) in West Bengal.

Updated at 11: 35 AM

Post Interval, Seenu comes to complete bavuji (Pradeep)'s task.. At PR's place with the help of Sapthagiri.

Updated at 11: 14 AM

Much needed twist is here... But it was seen coming miles away... PR( Rajan) is introduced at the interval.

Updated at 11: 08 AM

Blast from the past Pradeep Rawat attacks Seenu (Gopichand), just to realise it's not proper way to attack him.

Updated at 11: 02 AM

Naaku violence anna violence cheese vaalu at unna nachadu.. Krishna Rao (Mukesh Rushi) blackmails his son.

Updated at 10: 55 AM

Their coincidence turns into love... Time for romantic number "You are Baby"... Regina steals the show with lovely looks and attire.. Beats by Anup are very average.

Updated at 10: 48 AM

Time for another song Naakem nicely shot in hilly locations..

Updated at 10: 40 AM

Things are moving at predictable mode, the destiny and coincidence discussion still weakens the point.

Updated at 10: 35 AM

Organ Donation Trust volunteer Shailu (Regina) is introduced......

Updated at 10: 30 AM

Flash Back starts.. With some funny sequences with Gopichand and Posani .

Updated at 10: 20 AM

The first elevation fight has nice premeditated shots.. Introducing Pradeep Rawat..

Updated at 10: 17 AM

Time for first song Jeele Jeele track is mediocre.. Choreography and Cinematography are good..

Updated at 10: 15 AM

Movie starts off introducing a RaghuBabu family and their issues with reckless Gopichand.

Updated at 10: 05 AM

Hi!! Telugu Movie Viewers.The movie has just started and is 142 minutes long.. a "UA" Certified movie.

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