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Speedunnodu Live Updates

Mar 24, 2016 03:55 AM Speedunnodu Live Updates

Updated at 11:30AM

Climax done....Keep watching this space for the complete movie review

Updated at 11:16AM

A very unique and interesting climax is on now....

Updated at 11:10AM

Movie heading towards climax

Updated at 11:00AM

Time for Tamanna Song....The milky beauty is looking red hot...

Updated at 10:53AM

Twist in the tale now....Some scenes featuring Prakash Raj and Rao Ramesh are on now..

Updated at 10:42AM

Its time for a massive fight now..The film has become quite serious now.

Updated at 10:25AM

Time for a romantic song .... visuals are good.

Updated at 10:15AM

Jhansi makes an entry ....

Updated at 10:10AM

A very simple interesting twist on the tale....Interval now

Updated at 10:00AM

A mass song is on now...Srinivas Reddy is superb with his dances ..

Updated at 09:53AM

Srinivas Reddy is doing a Awesome job...

Updated at 09:45AM

Time for a twist in tale.....

Updated at 09:40AM

A romantic Song is on now....Visuals are good...

Updated at 09:35AM

its time for a flash back.

Updated at 09:30AM

Some comedy scenes featuring between Pruthvi and Srinivasa Reddy are on now...

Updated at 09:20AM

30 years industry Pruthvi and Rao Ramesh also have come in

Updated at 09:10AM

Sonarika (Heroine) makes an entry..

Updated at 09:00AM

title song now....Good Choreography ...

Updated at 08:55AM

The movie is set in Kurnool...

Updated at 08:50AM

Srinivas Reddy (Comedian) makes an entry now...

Updated at 08:45AM

Hi TeluguReporter viewers, The movie has just started and titles are rolling...!! Stick here for Live Updates..

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