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Srimanthudu Live Updates

Apr 21, 2016 05:24 AM Srimanthudu Live Updates

Updated at 07:06 AM

Second Half : The Main Story base on second Half and Good Sentiment Scenes, Fights, Songs, Love Scenes, Mahesh babu Extrodinary involved performance is good...

Updated at 07:03 AM

Movie Completed.

Updated at 06:50 AM

Climax fight is on now..

Updated at 06:45 AM

A very emotional scene between Jagapathi Babu and Mahesh is on now..

Updated at 06:44 AM

Movie is quite emotional.. Heading towards climax

Updated at 06:36 AM

Some emotional scens featuring Jagapathi Babu, Rajendra Prasad and Mahesh Babu are on now..

Updated at 06:29 AM

Time for a mass song Dimma Tirige.. Mahesh looks posh in Panche.

Updated at 06:25 AM

A superb fight is on now. The movie has picked up good pace now.

Updated at 06:20 AM

A very emotional scene featuring Mahesh is on now.

Updated at 06:15 AM

Some comedy scenes featuring Ali and Vennela Kishore are on now..

Updated at 06:05 AM

The movie heads into a flashback mode. Jagapathi Babu makes a re entry

Updated at 05:54 AM

Here comes the much publisized Lungi look of Mahesh.. Fans going crazy

Updated at 05:48 AM

The movie has picked up emotionally now.. The ongoing jag is on now.. Village shots look good

Updated at 05:42 AM

Ali makes an entry now

Updated at 05:42 AM

Post interval the scene shifts to a village.. Mahesh comes up with his cycle look now..

Updated at 05:32 AM

First Half Talk : Neat and Stylish, Mahesh and Shruti Hassan love scenes is good. Song is plus to this movie. Screenplay and some visuals are good.

Updated at 05:28 AM


Updated at 05:23 AM

A massive interval fight is on now..

Updated at 05:19 AM

Twist in the tale now.. Movie is heading towards the interval

Updated at 05:12 AM

The third song in the film Charusheela is on now.. Shot superbly.. Mahesh has danced well.

Updated at 05:03 AM

Time for a fight now.. Very interestingly shot.. Background score is quite good

Updated at 04:56 AM

Mukesh Rushi makes an entry. Scene shifts to Delhi

Updated at 04:50 AM

Time for the second song Jatha Kalise.. Superb montage song.. Mahesh looks super handsome as a college student

Updated at 04:43 AM

Some very interesting romantic college scenes between Shruti Haasan and Mahesh are on now

Updated at 04:35 AM

The scene shifts to a village now.. Rajendra Prasad and Sampath make an entry now

Updated at 04:30 AM

Shruthi Haasan makes a simple entry now.. She looks gorgeous..

Updated at 04:25 AM

Mahesh is Harsha, Son of Jagapathi Babu, a rich business tycoon

Updated at 04:20 AM

The supporting cast has now been introduced.. The movie has started on a quite simple note..

Updated at 04:18 AM

The first song Rama Rama is on now.. looks colorful

Updated at 04:14 AM

Here comes the one and only Mahesh Babu. He makes a simple entry..

Updated at 04:11 AM

Jagapathi Babu makes an entry straight away as a rich business man

Updated at 04:09 AM

The movie has just started and the titles are now rolling.. fans are berserk

Updated at 04:07 AM

Some ads are now being showcased and the eager fans are becoming restless

Updated at 04:05 AM

The atmosphere in the theater is quite electric and the fans are going crazy..

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