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Subramanyam For Sale Movie Live Updates

Apr 21, 2016 05:24 AM Subramanyam For Sale Movie Live Updates

Updated at 08:42 AM

Climax done.. Keep watching for complete movie soon

Updated at 08:38 AM

A sentimental climax is on now

Updated at 08:35 AM

Intresting twist in the screen now movie heading towards the climax.

Updated at 08:26 AM

Some hilarious scenes featuring fish Venkat, Rao Ramesh and Brahmanandam are on now

Updated at 08:17 AM

Some hilarious scenes are going on now.. Hyderabadi movie star Salim Pheku makes an entry.

Updated at 08:10 AM

Time for yet another family song... Visuals are very good..The film is moving on a very swift pace with a lot of entertainment

Updated at 08:00 AM

Some thumping mass scenes featuring Rao Ramesh and Sai are now.... Harish Shankar has done a superb job with the narration

Updated at 07:48 AM

Time for super hit remade Guvva Gorinka tho song.. Shot superbly and sai looks exactly like Chiranjeevi in the song and in body language.../p>

Updated at 07:40 AM

The movie has shifted towards afamily dram now..

Updated at 07:35 AM

Post interval, the movie shifts to India - Kurnool..

Updated at 07:20 AM

Superb interval bang.. Interval now..

Updated at 07:15 AM

Yet another unexpected twist in the movie..Major interval episode going on.. Adah Sharma and Ajay have made an their entrys..

Updated at 07:10 AM

Time for the third song Ash Karenge.. A mass song set in New York

Updated at 07:00 AM

Some hilarious comedy scenes are on now... Brahmi's is doing a super job.. Naga Babu makes an entry now...

Updated at 06:50 AM

A simple twist in the tale now.. Some emotional scenes between Regina and Dharam are on now

Updated at 06:40 AM

Time for the second song Telugante... Tej is superb with his dance steps

Updated at 06:32 AM

Brahmanandam makes an hilarious COMEDY entry in the USA

Updated at 06:24 AM

Time for title SONG... Sai Dharam Tej is making an eminent showing.. Harish Shankar is showcasing him EXTREMELY GOOD

Updated at 06:16 AM

Hero Sai makes a rocking entry with Pawan Kalyan song... movie shifts to USA

Updated at 06:10 AM

The film has begun on an intense note ... Regina makes a entry ... Rao Ramesh and Suman have likewise come in

Updated at 06:02 AM

The titles are on with a stunning and some interesting movie stills..

Updated at 06:00 AM

The film just begain and it is 2hours 30minutes in length..with U/A

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