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Sukumar got Overwhelmed for NTR's Performance

Mar 24, 2016 04:04 AM ntr

Sukumar on the eve of releasing his picture had spoken to the media about his film and NTR and shared his views on some of the questions asked fired at him.

Speaking on NTR who is the main lead of his film Nannaku Prematho said, ‘no other can replace Tarak’s place. NTR had connected to the role so well that he made everyone cry including the foreign crew during the emotional scene shoot for the climax. He was also connected to the story instantly during the narration of the story to him’.

Revealing about the new looks of NTR, Sukumar added that ‘plan for etching new look for this movie had come from NTR. No one believes that it was his plan. People are crediting me for his looks but i have only supported him in carrying that style till now long with him’.

Speaking on hi film Sukumar added more weight to his words saying that he narrated a different emotional story to NTR to which he was connected but later when Sukumar’s father expired, he releated his emotions to his father and developed a story around it. And, when this new story was narrated NTR got more connected to it.

Well, the output of the movie has now revealed what Sukumar had said about NTR’s performance and his connection to the movie is true indeed.

He also made some interesting comments about Jr NTR. "If not he's from a Nandamuri family, Tarak would have become a world hero by now. Because he has this grasping power, where it takes just seconds for him to get any dialogue right, dance step right and emotion right. He's a world class actor", said Sukku, who grew fond of the hero while making of the film.

Even Jr NTR also echoed similar views about Sukumar.

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