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Technicians exude confidence over KVPG

Mar 24, 2016 03:55 AM Technicians exude confidence over KVPG

Nani, who is riding high on the super success of 'Bhale Bhale Magadivoi', is gearing up to entertain once again with 'Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha', which has been produced under 14 Reels Entertainment banner by Ram Achanta, Gopi chand Achanta and Anil Sunkara. Directed by Hanu Raghavapudi of 'Andhala Rakshasi' fame, the film has Mehrene Kaur Pirzada, a débutante, as the leading lady. The film is all set for a release on February 12th and the team is very confident that the movie will live up to the huge expectations.

The technicians, who worked for the movie, attended a press meet at film chamber in Hyderabad and they exude confidence that the film will be another super hit from 14 Reels Entertainment banner. Producers, director, music director Vishal Chandrasekhar, Cinematographer Yuvraj, art director Avinash, dialogue writer Jayakrishna, lyricist Krishna Kanth, line producer Harish etc attended the press meet.

Gopi Chand Achanta said

"Many new and passionate technicians worked for this film. They worked day and night for the film vibrantly. They are very talented and they are here to stay. They worked hard for making the film a treat to watch".

Anil Sunkara said

"For the first time, we worked with a young team. We have shot the film in realistic locations and everyone worked very hard. The film will be very entertaining and a visual treat".

Cameraman Yuvraj said

"I thank the producers for giving me an opportunity to work for such a beautiful film. Hanu's screenplay for the film is wonderful and he made the film a visual treat. Assistants and light men co-operated very well. Rather than regular locations, we shot the film in new locations. Visuals are very good. Our producers didn't compromise regarding the production values".

Musician Vishal Chandrasekhar said

"I am very happy to have worked for 14 Reels Entertainment banner. The response for the songs is superb and the output of the re-recording is also very good. The comedy and emotional scenes in the movie are excellent and I am confident that the film will be a good hit".

Art director Avinash said

"Everyone worked for this film feeling that it is their own movie and my team supported me very well. Hanu's concept is very good. Everyone would love Jai's dialogues".

Dialogue writer Jayakrishna said

"This is very first movie. I thank the director and producers for giving me the opportunity to work for such a good movie".

Director Hanu Raghavapudi said

"We have been working for this movie for one and half years and finally it is going to release on February 12. Many friends have helped during this journey. This is a film with elements like love, emotions and revenge. Nani has done an extraordinary job in the role of Krishna. He took the film to the next level with his performance. It has been a very good journey with cameraman Yuvraj. He has put in a lot of effort to show every frame beautifully. He has a very bright future. Vishal Chandrasekhar has all the qualities to become one of the top music directors in Tollywood. The response for his songs is very good and he surprised with his extraordinary re-recording. Avinash worked like an experienced art director, though he is new. Line producer Harish co-operated well. Jai penned the dialogues very well. There is depth in his writing. KK's lyrics are beautiful. Though every director dreams of making a good film, there should be support from the producers and I am very lucky to have worked with producers like Anil Sunkara, Gopi chand Achanta and Ram Achanta, who gave me complete freedom and support. They treated me like a friend. This film is a visual treat with good entertainment. I am sure everyone would enjoy watching this movie".

Lyricist KK said

"I penned all the songs in this movie. Vishal's tunes are very good. Hanu directed the film very well with superb visuals. Everyone would love this movie and I am sure about it".

Line Producer Harish said

"Everyone worked for this film passionately. We have shot the film in some locations, where it is very difficult to get there. I am one of the 14 members in 14 Reels Entertainment banner. The film will be very enjoyable".

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