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The director who changed Ram Charan

Feb 01, 2017 07:05 AM
The director who changed Ram Charan

After the failure of 'Orange', Ram Charan started doing routine commercial movies. Though he gained the admiration of mass audiences, many were miffed with his monotony.

With 'Dhruva', he changed his path. Even Sukumar's movie is going to be very different as per sources. So who has been behind Ram Charan's change.

Ram Charan said that it was the advice of Maniratnam, which changed him for good.

Charan and the 'Nayakudu' director were supposed to work together for a movie. It was then Maniratnam said to Charan, "If you keep doing routine commercial movies, your work will not be remembered. Do different subjects with commercial elements".

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