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Theatres to stop the screening of South-Indian movies from today

Mar 01, 2018 07:35 PM

All The five Southern states are on a protest from today and will stop screening in all cinema theatres indefinitely. The protest is to reduce Virtual Print Fee (VPF) that has been over hike. The fight will continue until the Digital Service Providers (DSPs) reduce VPF for regional language films.

The South-Indian film producers, Council convenor and D. Suresh Babu told the press that the all five states are in solidarity and will fight unitedly over the issue. Suresh Babu said that they are stopping screening of all movies in the theatres till DSPs bring down the VPF.

The VPF have gone from Rs.7000 to Rs.10000 on a weekly basis. The distributors and producers of all the five states have held a joint action committee to fight over the issue. The producers and distributors outraged that the DSPs were charging Rs 22,500 as VPF per screen and a huge amount of fee for trailers and commercials.

This is a bad news for cinephiles who are looking forward for the weekend to have a dose of entertainment.

The protest is said to be call off as soon as the DSPs agree to reduce VPF price.

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