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Tripura Critic Review By Pavan Survi

Apr 21, 2016 06:46 AM Tripura Critic Review By Pavan Survi

Star-cast : Swathi Reddy, Naveen Chandra, Rao Ramesh, Sapthagiri,Pooja Ramachandran.

Director : Raaja Kiran

Music Composer : Kamran

Censor Certificate : A

Runtime : 151 Minutes

Tripura (Swathi Reddy) a lively precognitive girl, who tries to help village people through her gifted senses. That’s what makes her father worry about her marriage as no one comes forward to give their son. So, they plan to suppress this irregular gift with the help of Parapsychology specialist doctor Naveen Chandra (Naveen) in Prasad Hospitals. In a short time, Naveen falls in love with Tripura. He goes straight to Tripura’s house and tells her parents that he wanna marry Tripura. With their acceptance, they get married and shift to Hyderabad. Earlier, Eesha (Pooja) gets killed in a mysterious way and gets buried in an inscrutable way in the farm house. Due to force of the House broker, Naveen and Tripura shift to their farm house. That’s when some spooky stuffs happens around and Tripura dreams about a mysterious death of a dear one. Who killed Esha? About whom did Tripura dream about? Will Tripura get haunted by ghost? Can Tripura save the person from her dream? What connects past and present events in the farm house forms the rest of the storyline.

Coming to performances, Naveen Chandra appears confident on screen. But he needs to work a lot on his histrionics and body. Swathi Reddy has understood the role very well, she is a screen charmer. Sivannarayana, Rao Ramesh, Sriman and Naveen Chandra’s gang are okay in their short roles. Pooja Chandran has nothing much to do in her role and is hardly visible on screen till pre-climax. Comedians Sapthagiri, JP, Shakalaka Shankar and Dhanraj fail to tickle the funny bone.

As stated by director Raaja Kiran, Yes. “Tripura” has a better storyline than his debut film Geethanjali starring Anjali in the lead role. Director Raaja has experimented with the storyline in this movie and his lack of experience in the film’s narration was clearly evident on screen. The storyline though remind us of films like Prema Kadha Chitram, Over Her Dead Body, White Dreams (2015), When Dreams Come True, Premonition (2007), Dead of Night and Medium (2005). Tripura never really tried to come close to these films as director took a routine commercial route to narrate this film (With the help of Noorava Roju [1984]) and dragged it further by adding too many romantic and forced comedy sequences. The Screenplay has a lot of flaws like, How come Swathi, just limited to dream about the people who are near and dear to her (Even about Hen sometimes); Director never really tries to showcase how did Rao Ramesh control dreaming of Swathi in the first place and never really tries to continue the same therapy through doctor Naveen Chandra; If Swathi was able to dream about Past and Future, why did she stare at people (Like something bad was about to happen to them – Added Extra Sensory Perception); etc and the concept of the story goes in sync with our typical ghost revenge stories by the end. Direction by RaajaKiran is wonky. It’s packed with decent technical values but is very low on content and screenplay.

Ravikumar Sana has done his camerawork to an acceptable level and Kamran’s music lacks consistency except for Swathi’s introduction song. Even Background Score was loud. The editing could have been better. The VFX used for this film is simply b grade stuff and even unnecessary in some sequences. Production Values of “Crazy Media” are alright. -

Director Raaja has not worked on the script keeping the dream concept in mind. There are many such subjects of spooky revenge and he has not able to catch the freshness in sequences. It is not good enough for a film to rely on lead actors and thin storyline for the audience to come to theatres. There should be tight screenplay and feel good narration, which was lacking in the case of Tripura. On the whole, Tripura – quite an impressive storyline is vitiated by an unimpressive screenplay.

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