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Tuntari Movie Review

Apr 21, 2016 06:38 AM
Tuntari Movie Review
  • Release date : March 11th, 2016
  • Director : Kumar Nagendra
  • Producer : Ashok and Nagarjun
  • Music Director : Sai Karthik
  • Starring : Nara Rohith, Latha Hegde ...

Fun Ride

Nara Rohit has always been inclined towards different subjects and he has carved a niche for himself in Tollywood with such films. This time, he teamed up with 'Gundello Godari' fame Kumar Nagendra for a film titled 'Tuntari', which is the remake of Tamil movie 'Maan Karate'. Let's get into the details of the movie.

Story :

Four IT professionals go on a vacation to a forest and they find a sage there. To test if the sage really has magical powers, Kishore asks him to give them a newspaper on the day next to Dussehra, a public holiday. After reading the newspaper the friends learn about a boxing tournament, which would kick off soon. Knowing about winner Raju (Nara Rohit)'s Rs.5 crore prize money and as they want a share of it, they find him only to know that he is not a boxer at all. Siri (Latha Hegde), with whom Raju is head over heels in love, wants him to win the tournament by defeating Killer Raju (Kabir). How does the sage's prediction come true forms the rest of the story.

Performances :

Nara Rohit is effortless in the role of Raju and his comedy timing is superb. Latha Hegde is ok, but she should hone her acting skills. Vennela Kishore, Ali, Raghu and Shakalaka Shankar's comedy leave the audiences in splits. Kabir Singh looks menacing and he does a good job. Others do justice to their roles.

Technical aspects :

Sai Kartheek's background score is excellent and the cinematography is top-notch. The production values are good. Director Kumar Nagendra's screenplay and direction are very good. He keeps the proceedings simple, but interesting and entertaining.

Plus points :

Nara Rohit's comedy timing and performance

Story and direction


Sai Karthik's music and BGM


Minus points :

Few dragging scenes in second half

Songs placement

Analysis :

'Tuntari', which is the remake of 'Maan Karate', is a light-hearted entertainer. After a failure like 'Joru', director Kumar Nagendra impresses with his narration, which is fun filled. Nara Rohit does a great job. He impresses with his performance and excellent comedy timing. Vennela Kishore, Ali, Shakalaka Shankar, Raghu etc evoke laughs with their comedy. The first half is interesting and entertaining. Compared to it, the second half seems a little bit dragged. But as said earlier, the director keeps the proceedings simple yet entertaining. Music and BGM by Sai Karthik is good and so is the cinematography of Palani Kumar.

Verdict :

'Tuntari' is a fun-ride. Must watch if you like light-hearted entertainers. Rating 3/5

Tuntari Movie
March 11th, 2016

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