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V.V.Vinayak proves his generosity by giving off his money

Feb 12, 2018 07:47 PM

V.V.Vinayak's latest film 'Intteligent' with actor Sai Dharam Tej received below-average response all over. The film failed to meet the expectations with poor screenplay. It's a debacle at the box office. And, obviously the most affected are the distributors who is suffering from the losses.

Once again, V.V. Vinayak shows his magnanimity. The director immediately took the initiative and helped the crew members. He has come forward to return a huge part of his remuneration. Out of his 9 crore remuneration, he gave 5 crore to produce C Kalyan to settle out film's loss.

Long back, when Vinayak made Akhil movie, the same situation took place as the film didn't do well. The movie was made with a budget of 40 crores. But, the distributors had 25 crore loss then. It's the director who gave money to the distributors involved in the movie.

It's a great trait to have as a director. Showing genuine care and action towards producer and distributors shows his selflessness. We wish many such people in the industry.

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