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Varun Tej's reaction to Niharika's debut

Mar 24, 2016 03:55 AM Varun Tej's reaction to Niharika's debut

Konidala Niharika's launch as an actress is being widely discussed these days. Its not very often does a lady from a well-established filmy family dare to follow what her heart says rather than fearing about any external factors.

When he was quizzed about his Sister's launch, Varun Tej said the decision wasn't taken overnight but after several rounds of discussions and Mega Family will always be supporting whatever Niharika wishes to do.

On the question how did the Mega Family react to Niharika's decision to face the camera, The Young Hero admits everyone was a bit concerned about how the fans would take it initially but finally decided support her.

Varun Tej is expecting critical acclaim for his acting prowess in 'Kanche' and confidently declares its going to offer an new cinematic experience altogether for the audience.

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