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'Venkatapuram' Movie Review

May 18, 2017 12:09 AM
'Venkatapuram' Movie Review
  • Release date : May 12th, 2017
  • Director : Venu Madikanti
  • Produced by : Shreyas Srinivas, Thumu Phani Kumar
  • Music Director : Achu
  • Starring : Rahul, Ajay, Mahima Makhwana ....

Decent crime thriller

After 'Happy Days', Rahul aka Tyson hasn't had a hit in his career and the young actor's attempts to make a comeback turned futile. Taking a break, he has come back with the movie, 'Venkatapuram', on which he has pinned a lot of hopes. This thriller, which has Mahima Makwana as the female lead and Ajay, Ajay Ghosh in important roles has been directed by debutante Venu Madikanti and produced by Srinivas of Good Cinema Group. Achu Rajamani is the music director of this movie. Read on to know how the film is.


Anand (Rahul) is a pizza delivery boy. He leads a happy life and with the entry of Chaitra (Mahima), his life completely changes. Both of them fall in love and life seems magical for them. But things take a drastic turn when Chaitra gets killed in a mysterious way and police starts suspecting Anand. Why the cops target Anand ? Who killed Chaitra in the first place ? Is there really Anand's involvement in the murder as suspected by the police and or has be been cornered just for the sake of protecting someone else ? Watch for more details.

Technical aspects

Though the film has been made on a limited budget, it looks like a good big film, thanks to the visuals. The editing is sharp. The background score of Achu Rajamani is also very apt for the movie. The screenplay in the second half is good and engaging. The direction is good. The production values need a special mention.


Rahul makes a very good comeback with this movie. As a pizza delivery boy, who gets targeted by the police, for involving (?) in a murder, he is good. Mahima Makwana is beautiful and performs well. Ajay Ghosh and Ajay, who played cops in the movie, are very good in their roles. The rest of the actors did their job well.

Plus Points


Interval bang

Engaging second half


Minus Points

Dragged First half


Venkatapuram has a good story line. But the director takes time to get into the actual story and so the first half seems a little bit dragged. But the interval bang is good and creates curiosity. The second half is also very engaging and the climax has also been executed well. The suspense factor has been maintained well. The film has it's share of flaws but the debutante director Venu Madikanti impresses with his narration.The performances of the lead pair and the other characters are good. All in all, 'Venkatapuram' is a Decent crime thriller with a good second half.


Venkatapuram is a 'Decent crime thriller' Rating 3/5

Venkatapuram Movie
May 12th, 2017

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