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You are a dangerous addiction, Sridevi. We Miss You.

Mar 22, 2018 06:57 PM

Yesterday, on February 25th, everyone woke up to a bad and unexpected news. The first female superstar, Sridevi is dead. Listening to the news, everyone wanted it to be a hoax.

Sridevi has been a part of India's collective consciousness for generations. The public felt like a part of them has died with her. The sadness and pain were to the pit of the stomach. The actress passed away in Dubai at her nephew's wedding, Mohit Marwah. Mohit is also a film actor who was seen in Fukray.

Sridevi, in the midst of wedding party, fell unconscious in a bathroom, followed by cardiac arrest. It's shocking to hear especially when the actress was never ill from any major diseases.

Her elder daughter, Jahnavi Kapoor hasn't attended the wedding as she was busy with her debut movie in Bollywood. After doctors pronounced her death, the postmortem and other final formalities took so long for 20 hours. Finally, a private flight has been arranged to bring her mortal remains to Mumbai.

Talking abour Sridevi's uniqueness, she's a dream girl to many. She was seen acting NTR, ANR, Krishna, Sobhan Babu and many such legendary souls. She had a solid 50 years acting career and that is a rare achievement. Her demise shocked everyone and actor like Chiranjeevi, Hema Malini, Krishnam Raju and few others immediately spoke to the media.

Born in Tamil Nadu, the actress drove into Tami, Telugu, Malyalam, Kannada and Hindi languages. All the languages gave her fame in a short time. Her beauty is unrivaled and though she's not here with us, her movies will continue to live on eternally. Today, at her funeral, we can see how everyone is busting out in tears, seeing a 54 yr old gorgeous lady lying there lifeless. It's hard to digest that Sridevi is no more.

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